1990 Ford Probe

Electrical problem
1990 Ford Probe 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

Need to know where the fuel pump relay is is this 1990 Ford Probe V6
March 14, 2010.

FUEL PUMP PRESSURE (PFI SYSTEMS) 1. On 2.2L & 2.2L Turbo models, relieve fuel line pressure by disconnecting fuel pump relay and starting engine. After engine stalls, turn ignition off. Reconnect fuel pump relay. 2. On all other models, remove fuel tank cap. Using Fuel Pressure Gauge (T80L-9974-B), release pressure from system at pressure relief valve (Schrader valve) on fuel injection manifold rail. 3. The fuel pump may be activated by grounding the fuel pump lead at the SELF-TEST connector. Use a jumper lead and ground the "FP" terminal with the ignition on. This activates the fuel pump. See Fig. 1 . For additional circuit test information, see appropriate TESTS W/CODES article in this section. NOTE: For fuel pressure specifications, see FUEL PRESSURE SPECIFICATIONS article.
3/14/2010 ...

Fuel injector circuit is controlled by fuse #1 Underhood fuse block. Relay as seen in picture.

Mar 14, 2010.