2003 Ford Mustang

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Ford Mustang V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 71000 miles

I recently got a check engine light come on and scanned it and got the code P0340 which is Camshaft Position Sensor. So me and a buddy cleaned it and tested and ruled out the wires. So I came to the conclusion that itd have to be to the Sensor then, but I have read about the Alternator causing the problem with interference. How would I go about testing if this is the case instead of playing a guessing game and replacing the alternator & the Sensor?
December 21, 2008.

The interference gets in by the wiring connectors insulation not being on correctly as long as it is insulated correctly there should be no interference. Try adding a little more insulation, clean sensor, clear codes and drive vehicle around to test?

Dave H
Dec 21, 2008.