2000 Ford Mustang

Electrical problem
2000 Ford Mustang 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 135786 miles

I was driving my car down the road, and people that were passing me were pointing to the back of my car.
When I looked back all I saw was white smoke, and when I started pulling over my gages started jumping left to right, then it just shut down.
Checked my battery cables, they were pretty bad, I replaced them, replaced the battery, had the starter checked at AUTO ZONE it was fine, and now when I try to start the car its sound like the starter is hitting the flywheel, just like a bang every time I turn the key, I'am " lost " I would appreciate some help.

Thank you!

June 10, 2008.

The white smoke out the exhaust is do to blown headgasket or cracked head. Antifreeze& water enter combustion chamber and the smoke is like steam comming out the exhaust. The noise you here is very likely the starter gear engageing the flywheel but the engine is locked up. Check the coolant level then the oil dipstick if there is a milky brown substance on it that is antifreeze in the oil. Engine maybe hydro locked due to water in the cylinders proventing it from turning over.
If you find these conditions your in for a major repair mucho$$$.
Check this out let me know what you find.

Jun 10, 2008.
I checked the dipstick, the the oil is good, the antifreeze is full, checked all around the motor, checked the freezeplugs, checked if the head gaskets were messed up, did a pressure check, and no leaks.

Jun 10, 2008.
Now I feel lost. What caused the smoke? Why did the gauges freak out?
Have you rechecked starter install although I can't see anyway to get a Ford starter on to hit the flywheel.
See if you can get a socket and breaker bar on the crank bolt on the front pulley this will let us know if the engine still rotates.
Let me know

Jun 10, 2008.
Tried to turn the flywheel, Didnt turn. I took out the no 1 spark plug, and the rest is HISTORY, ANTIFREEZE STARTED COMING OUT! Funny it didnt go into the oilpan. Looks like I'am going to spend some money.
Thank you for all your advice " YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT" YOUR THE MAN!


Jun 10, 2008.
I am glad your problem is solved but I feel kind of bad I was right for you.
Guess it is decession time do you repair or not?
Engine swap might be an option could be cheaper than repair.
Would greatly appreciate feedback to the 2carpros and of a donation would be welcomed so we can keep going helping others.
If I can help further please contact.

Jun 11, 2008.