1995 Ford Mustang

Engine problem
1995 Ford Mustang V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

I have a 1995 Mustang GT, bought it new. Put under drive pulleys and x-pipes on it. No other modifications. Recently the the original distributor fell apart and I replaced it. Since then it runs intermittantly. Sometimes it will run for a couple of days and sometimes it will not even start. I have replaced computers, plugs, etc. Scanner shows no faults. I am perplexed at this point. Any ideas?
Thomas Hancock
January 8, 2008.

How did it run before the old distributor fell apart? And how did it fall apart? It is a rebuild in you car now, you may have got a poor one!

Jan 8, 2008.
It shut down a couple of times before the old distributor fell apart. The pickup crumbled and the stator also fell apart. The new one is a remanufactored one. Thanks I will check out he new one.

Thomas Hancock
Jan 8, 2008.