1992 Ford Mustang

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Ford Mustang 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 700 miles

engine was rebuilt, ran for awhile then quit
put in new cylinoid, still justed clicked, battery drained
starter is fine, alternator is fine, battery holds full charge
cylinoid sheet says only 3 wires to hook up while the person who redid the engine had more
not sure what wires go where or if that is the problem, someone also suggested that the voltage regulator might be bad, don't know how to check it.
Can you help?
Thank you
March 14, 2009.

Hi Jeri,

Have you tried jump starting it? Just because your battery has or holds a full charge doesn't mean it is not bad. If the CCA (Cold Cramking Amps) are low all you will get is the clicking. So, try jump starting it, if it starts go by your local auto parts store and have them check to battery.

Post finding.


Mar 14, 2009.
Tried jump starting, didn't work
only three wires are to be hooked to cylinoid I am told and this car has more, not sure which wires are to be hooked up where
was told that hooking up too many could drain the battery
can't find a guide to help us know what to hook where
Thank you,

Mar 14, 2009.
Hello, I came across this.

obxautomedic is correct, if something is wrong with the battery or cables, you need to fix that first.

Mar 14, 2009.
Ok, this is the seleniod by the battery. There are actually more than 3 wires that are connected to it.

Wire 1 positive cable from battery to large terminal closest to battery. Other side or seleniod the large terminal should have all the other wires with eyelets, then inbetween the large terminals are 2 small terminals one should have an " I" and one an " S" there should be a small wire that should push on it will go on the " S" Terminal.


Mar 14, 2009.