, 80000 MILES

2000 Ford Focus

Lately I had trouble with my front tires getting wearing from inner edges. I replaced front right tire and did wheel alignement. Now the tire wearing has stopped.

But now I feel the vibrations from the right front suspension of the car. These vibrations are more prominant when the car engine is cold. During this time when the engine is cooler, it feels like the car is dragging and vibrations can be felt easily. Once the engine is hot, the vibrations are not that prominent, but I can still feel them intermittently.

Is it something with the suspension? Or affect of wheel alignment? What should be the next step? What would be the approx cost of fixing this?

Thanks in advance
February 4, 2007.

You should check stablizer links (because they always break on a Focus). Also check tie rod ends. Make sure the front coil springs aren't broke. And finally have an alignment check and a motor mounts check.

May 11, 2012.
Make sure you don't have a bent wheel or tire balance issue.