2005 Ford Focus

2005 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 39,000 miles

I was driving with the A/C on, the car started jerking and losing power. It shut off completely and would not turn over. We took it in and they replaced the #15 fuel pump fuse and the fuel pump. The car was running good, but when we had the A/C on again, the car shut down and blew the same fuse. When we run the car without the A/C it runs okay with just a little shuddering, but now we're scared to use the A/C. What else could be the problem since we already got the fuel pump replaced? They replaced the fuel filter as well.
August 5, 2009.

There is a seperate fuse for the a/c have them check to see if they are crossed. When turning the a/c on it is drawing violtage through the fuel pump fuse. They can take and put a tester where the fuse goes and check the ampreage draw with the a/c on and check with it off. That will tell if the a/c is drawing from the same fuse.

Aug 24, 2009.