2005 Ford F-600

Transmission problem
2005 Ford F-600 V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 37000 miles

I've got an 05 Ford F-650 with a Cummins 5.9L and a Spicer 7-speed manual transmission. The hydraulic line right behind the dash came disconnected. I re-attached it and put the pin back in. I figured I'd bleed the line so I looked for a bleeder valve at the slave cylinder and found none. I disconnected the line at the slave (I fear this was a mistake). The line drained but the resivoir level did not change. I now believe that the slave cylander and the line need to be bled as well as the master. There are no bleed valves on the cylinder. I figure I should take the slave off the frame (so that it's vertical) and fill it. THen fill the line, but this will just get me back to where I was. The dump bed is full of about 12,000 pounds of concrete, so towing it somewhere will be expensive. Any help would be appreciated!

THanks! 303-668-2222
January 13, 2010.

These come pre bled and sealed. You will have to buy the slave and master and line in one kit.

Jan 13, 2010.
So it's not a serviceable part? I can't bleed it? Why do they make it so that it can be disassembled? Thanks!

Jan 13, 2010.
I would check with ford. There was an open tsb on possible clutch prob with this truck

Jan 14, 2010.