1925 Ford F-250

Just bought a ford F-250 with an 8 cylinder gas 460 engine with 180,000 miles. Price was very cheap becuase owner said the head gasket was blown. A mechanic changed the head gasket for me yet overheating persisted. I asked the previous owner if he had ever changed the radiator. The radiator was not changed recently but had been changed many times. Also, all hoses and thermostat were recently changed.

The engine temp slightly drops at higher rpms and no heat comes into the cab when the heater is turned on.

I pulled out the thermostat and ran hydrochloric acid flush through the radiator with no improvment. Any suggestions?

Thank much for taking the time

October 13, 2007.

When you said no heat comes out of the cab it could either be a bad temp selector or a bubble in the cooling system preventing the coolant from going from point a to point b. You could bypass the heater core with a piece of plastic tubing then clamping the in and out together and bleeding the coolant system. Let me know if it stays cool then.

Oct 14, 2007.
Also to be on the safe side change the thermostat. If all of this does not help the sending unit may be bad or the waterpump may need replacing

Oct 14, 2007.