1999 Ford F-250

Engine Performance problem
1999 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 68,000 miles

I own a 1999 F-250 Light Duty, it has a 5.4 L Triton under the hood. I am overseas in Iraq with the US Army and I let my buddy borrow the truck and trailer to get our stuff off of our hunting lease in Texas. The truck made the trip without a hitch until they reached about a ½ mile away for my house where it died at the light. First thing I thought was they ran it out of gas, so I wasn't too worried, they said they couldn't get it to stay running but got it started again and managed to limp it to my house, it has been there since.
I got home for my R& R break and took a look at what the issue was and it was out of gas " go figure" well I put about 5 gals in it and cranked it turned over but didn't want to start. After several cranking session it fired up, but died after idling for a bit. Then it didn't want to crank again, I got it going finally and this time I thought it was getting better since it stayed idling for a long while. I put it in gear and started out of the drive way when it died part way down the drive. So I cranked it again and it idled I gave it some gas put it in gear and got it to drive around for a short while then it died about 5 minutes later as I was turning around at the end of my street. I got it going again and back to the house where it is now waiting to go to the shop or me to fix it; I would rather fix it myself.
This is what I have diagnosed:
Two probable causes:
1) A fuel problem -
- Clogged fuel line
- Fuel pump went out or is going out
- Fuel filter (if I can find it or if it has one) clogged
-Injector pump bad or clogged
-Injectors clogged
2) Ignition system issue-
- Coils old or bad
- Electrical issue in general

I am leaning more toward the fuel issue that the ignition since I can get It going every once in a while and it acts like it I running out of gas. I have Chilton's manual and look into the issue for about a day or so but I didn't want to waste my entire R& R messing around with the truck instead of spending time with my family. My tour here is about to end I am about head back to Texas and home so I want to get my truck running and use it without burdening my son or extended family by borrowing a truck until mine is fixed.
This truck has been a champ for me and I want to keep it for a few more years if possible.
Thanks again in advance to all of you for reading and your help.
January 2, 2010.

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What we need to do here is to check and verify the fuel pressure if its within specs -fuel pump could have gotten weak when it ran out of fuel dry to the boner and also the fuel filter clogged-If both okay check if the injectors are pulsing

The In-line fuel filter is located downstream of the electric fuel pump, and mounted to the LH frame rail.

Jan 2, 2010.