F250 7.3 DIESEL

1989 Ford F-250

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual 320, 00 miles

7.3 diesel refuses to start most times without shot of ether. If within 15 - 20 minutes fine, otherwise no. Have replaced injector and fuel pumps. Suspect glowplugs (have been a bit of a problem in the past), but maybe relay. I do not hear it click when dash " wait" light goes out.
August 22, 2009.

Have you checked for leaks in your fuel system. Even a small leak will allow the fuel to drain back to the tank and cause a hard start. The lift pump is low pressure, usually 6-8 psi, so if the fuel drains all the way back to the tank due to a leaking line, it takes quite a while to pump the fuel back up to the injection pump.
Just a though, let me know.

Aug 22, 2009.
Thanks for the reply. I don't think it is a fuel leak. The lift pump was recently replaced so the system should be tight. My guess is the preheat system. It has been a problem in the past and I don't think it is operating at all now. Any idea of the trouble shooting procedure to check out the glowplugs and relay?

Aug 23, 2009.