Ford F-150

Hi, I have a 1998 Taurus w/115000 miles. The battery light flickers on and off, when its on I dont have any charging, the light get dimmer, the blower fan slows down, but when the light turns off, seemingly at random, the lights brighten, and the fan speeds up. I checked the connections at the alternator and batery posts, nothing there is loose. Is there somewhere else I should be checking for loose wires, or might this be an internal problem at the alternator or some other part rewuiring replacement? Thanks, TimtheTrucker
November 1, 2006.

Sounds like the alternator or charging problem. Check that the battery is good and can hold a charge. If it is ok, then probally the alternator is going bad.

Nov 3, 2006.
I have a 91 Buick Park Ave that does the same thing. I replaced the battery and the alternator with no luck. Did you find anything else out about it?

Nov 16, 2006.
I would say the original issue is an alternator problem and it sounds like a short in the alt.

The buick man did you buy the alt from parts store and have you had it checked to see if the alt is working. I don't care that you think it is new but I would wager it is rebuilt and they aren't always done right. Eliminate that, it is easy.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 16, 2006.