2003 Ford F-150

Engine Performance problem
2003 Ford F150 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 25300 miles

Service Engine Soon Light On showing Code PO171, PO174 too lean bank 1, and too lean bank 2. As I only have a little over 25000 miles on the truck I am kind of confused what the problem is due to the truck is running fine. It seems to be running the same as it was before the light came on. A mechanic used his OBD-11 scan tool, and cleared the codes only to have the light to come back on Two days later. The truck seems to me that there is no difference in performance.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Petroman
March 2, 2008.

Was wondering if you fixed the problem my 2k f150 is doing the same

Mar 20, 2008.
I don't know how many miles you have on your truck, but if it's running fine I might have the answer to your problem. I cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor with an Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner that I bought at Napa for about 5.00 dollars. I cleaned it while it was in the Air Cleaner Housing. Spray it Sparingly as it will be a little hard to start if you use too much. NOTE] Do not touch the thin wire with anything, let the cleaner due the work. If you break the thin wire you just cost yourself about 150.00 dollars. After you spray the Sensor let it dry for about 15 mins then put Air Cleaner assembly back together. You will have to have the Code reset by somebody who has a Code Scanner. This procedure solved my problem, I hope it solves yours. Petroman

Mar 21, 2008.