2001 Ford F-150

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2001 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 158000 miles

My question is regarding the R& R of front wheel bearings on my 4-wheel drive F-150. I'm very mechanically inclined and have worked on cars & trucks for over 30 years. I've been told that these bearings are not only very expensive but difficult to replace. Does this job require a special tool or tools that would make it more cost efficient to have the dealer do the job?

April 1, 2009.


1.Turn off air suspension system, if equipped. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Remove brake caliper. Support caliper aside. Remove brake caliper anchor. Mark brake rotor and hub, and remove brake rotor. Remove and discard cotter pin. Remove hub nut retainer and nut. Remove brake rotor shield (if necessary).
2.Remove ABS sensor (if equipped). Remove hub and bearing assembly-to-CV joint mounting bolts from rear of steering knuckle. DO NOT over-extend CV joint. Slide hub and bearing assembly off CV axle shaft splines. CV joint is a slip fit into wheel hub and bearing assembly and should not require puller to remove. Remove steering knuckle grease seal. Inspect steering knuckle grease seal, hub and bearing assembly for excessive wear and damage. Replace components as necessary.
1.Using Bearing Cup Replacer (T80T-4000-P), Knuckle Seal Replacer (T96T-1175-A) and Threaded Drawbar (T77F-1176-A), install seal until it seats against steering knuckle. Install hub and bearing assembly onto steering knuckle, guiding CV axle shaft through spline in hub. Tighten hub and bearing assembly-to-steering knuckle mounting bolts to specification..

2.Align marks, and install brake rotor and caliper. With brakes applied, tighten hub retainer nut to specification. Install washer, nut lock and NEW cotter pin. DO NOT back off nut to install cotter pin. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Reactivate air suspension system. Before driving vehicle, pump brake pedal several times to restore normal pedal position.

Apr 1, 2009.