1998 Ford F-150

Electrical problem
1998 Ford F150 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

My battery continues to die after replacing it. The alternator charges enough that when I drive, even after jumping starting the truck, the battery becomes fully charged. After a couple of days, the battery is drained dead. Today, when I turned the truck off, I heard a clicking coming from under the middle of the dash. It sounded like relays. The noise came from a box about 3" X2" next to the two testing plugs. I have put in a GEM module the other day, but that was because the wipers stopped working. I had starting problems before that. Until I heard the clicking noise, I thought that I might have a bad diode in the alternator. Thanks for any help.
Dale Franklin
January 7, 2008.

Hi. It sounds like I, m having the same problem with my f150. I think my ingition switch might be bad. Could you let me know if you find out somthing else. Thanks

Jan 12, 2008.
Sure I'll let you know.

Dale Franklin
Jan 14, 2008.