1992 Ford F-150

Engine problem
1992 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 236000 miles

1992 F150 scab 4x4 5.8, a few weeks ago my truck wouldn't start when I turn the key, but would start when I shorted the solenoid. So at the time I had a bad shift cable so I thought I might be neutral safety or something. So when I replaced the shift cable and assembled everything, it worked fine with the key again, and has until today, still starts with shorting method, but won't with key. So I am wondering if its the ignition switch? Is there a good way to tell?
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December 26, 2007.

Will it crank with the truck in neutral? If so then it is the neutral safety switch, if not check the solinoid and ignition switch.

Dec 26, 2007.
No it will not start in neutral either, like I said I can start it by shorting the solenoid out, so should I replace the ignition lock assembly?

Dec 26, 2007.