Ford Explorer

Hello, I have a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT, V6, with 124850 miles on it. I recently had it serviced/repaired at the dealership. Odometer, etc. All worked fine when I pulled in, I monitor my gas mileage so it's something I notice. Part of the work performed was removal and replacement of upper control arms & inner tie rods, alignment, oil change, tune up, new filters, cooling system flush service, and a new steering mechanism/column (my cruise control buttons had deteriorated on my current steering wheel, they offered me one " on the side" that had newer/better buttons - that was not included in my invoice, I had to pay a mechanic on the side). I noticed after pulling out of the dealership that my odometer and trip counter were not working. Speedometer IS working. I took it back and they are saying none of the work performed on my truck affected the odometer, and they want to charge me over $300 to " fix" it. I guess my question is, could any of the above work/service have caused this? I thought it would be a simple " oops we forgot to reconnect that" or something, instead it turned into " give us more money, we didn't do it" They told me it's the speedometer mechanism, even though THAT is working? Thanks for any feedback.
April 17, 2007.

Don't know the specific answer, but, I had the same problem; The bright side is that after a couple days, mine started working again.
It quit after I drove about a 1/4 mile on a washboard rd.
The only thing I can figure about mine is that connector came partially loose when I drove over that pos road, and then it re connected itself?
In your case, the mechanic at the dealer might have pushed on something that created a bad connection. BTW, I contacted a local dealer and he said that the speed ometer would have to be replaced or repaired

Apr 19, 2007.
Ask the guy who changed the column " on the side" if he will check his work. Any time you remove a steering colomn, the column could contact parts involved in odometer! If the speedometer cable is not tight, odometer may be affected. If you reach up you will find a cable, follow it to the instrument panel, and tighten the nut!

Apr 19, 2007.