2004 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2004 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 72000 miles

my truck quit running the other day. I went to start it and it died. Will crank but wont start. Then we noticed the fuel pump fuse in the engine compartment keeps blowing. We have checked the fuel pump and it is fine. For some reason when we plug in the cutt off swith it blows the fuse under hood. What is going on and how do we fix this. My truck is all torn apart and no one can find a solution?
March 14, 2010.

Either you have a short between the fuel pump relay, a bad pump (drawing too many amps) or the cut off switch is shorted.

How did you check the pump?

They have checked the wiring and found a short under the rear corner pannel and clipper the wire for the hot feed and we have no Idea what that went to but what ever it was seems to have fixed the problem. Now I just have a hot wire that has been capped off and taped up so it doesn't make ground contact. Now what any sugestions.

Mar 17, 2010.
Is the engine running now?

I got a 2003 Ford Explorer. The wire on the fuel pump side of the inertia switch burned up. I replaced the switch. Any idea why?

Oct 11, 2012.