2004 Ford Explorer

Noises problem
2004 Ford Explorer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 88,000 miles

I just replaced the HUB assembly in both front wheels. One about 3 months ago - and the other last week - since than the ABS light is on and the 4x4HIGH light flashes (8 flashes) - we replaced the censor on the transfer case - per a dealership and the light is still on. While driving you can also feel it skip when the light is on. Also when making a sharp turn you can feel and hear grinding in the wheels. Which never happened until again the lights have been on. HELP i'm at my wits on to fix this. Any suggestions?
August 12, 2008.

I jaust had the same problem where the ABS light is on & the 4x4 flashes intermittently.
I had the rear ABS sensor replaced and that fixed all the problems you mentioned. There is only one for the rear
You also have two ABS sensors on each front wheel they are on the inside of the rotor. You have to remove the rotor to remove the sensor. They come with a wire and cost about $130.00 each. Good luck.

Aug 12, 2008.
I forgot one mention one thing, my mechanic told that he had download the code to reset the ABS light. It does not go out by itself, you could try disconnecting the battery for about 15 minutes and see if that resets the light, but then you have drive the car so it re-learns itself. See the manual for the procedure.

Aug 15, 2008.