2002 Ford Explorer

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2002 Ford Explorer

HOW is the window regulator replaced
February 18, 2009.

Front Door Window Regulator And Motor
Removal and Installation
Raise the front door window glass to the half-open position.
Remove the front door trim panel. For additional information,
Remove the inside glass weatherstrip.
Remove the watershield.
Disconnect the lock rod at the latch assembly.
Fig. 80: Disconnecting Lock Rod At Latch Assembly

NOTE:Some vehicles may use rivets to attach the glass to the regulator.

Remove the bolts that attach the glass to the regulator.
NOTE:The window must be in the full up position for this step.

Support the window glass.
Disconnect the window motor electrical connector.

Disconnect the regulator and motor assembly from the door frame.
Fig. 84: Disconnecting Regulator And Motor Assembly From Door Frame

Remove the regulator and motor assembly through the door opening.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.

Dave H
Feb 18, 2009.