1994 Ford Explorer

Brakes problem
1994 Ford Explorer 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 180000 miles

new pads and shoes breaking seems normal but abs warning light flashes several times then stays on for a period then repeats the sme thing there are no leaks and all works and looks well how do icheck from here?
Earl hardwick
June 21, 2008.

ABS system is different then your regular brake system and it work with it
you need to have the ABS system module check for codes as that will help to pin point the troubled area
possible wheel sensor
with out the scanner you can check fuses and relays related to the ABS system
check around the tires sensors for loose or broken wires
check brake fluid and float in the master cylinder
you really need a scanner to have the system scanned

good luck

Jun 22, 2008.