Ford Escort

I have a 2002 Escort, 68000 miles. After it warms up and runs for about 20 minutes it starts to knock & sputter then when I slow down or stop it acts like it wants to die and sometimes does. When I get it out of the car afterwards there is the smell of burning oil. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? Thanks
November 16, 2006.

Start by checking the oil level and noting changes in the oil level and condition of the oil. Next, pull out a plug at a time and determine if they are oily in nature. I good clean plug should be dry and gray. A black, sooty, wet, oily plug is an indication that problems exist with that cylinder.

Your problems could range from simple to complex but start with the simple stuff and work up.

I take it the car keeps restarting and starts pretty well for you?

Bruce Hunt
Nov 17, 2006.
Humm, Bruce is right about checking all the basics. If that doesn't work you may have a timng belt that is missing a tooth causing the engine timing to be off one tooth. The 02 Escort engine had a problem with the timing belt tensioner. Have a qualified mechanic check it out as it is not a home mechanics repair.

Good Luck

Nov 17, 2006.