Ford Escort

I own an 89 EscortGT( 170000 miles) and in the past couple of years the engine has developed a problem. Most of the time it happens when I put the clutch in as I'm coming to a stop. It will just completely die. It will then, after a couple of minutes, start back up. This has happened only now and then, until this weekend. It died, then restarted. I went for a mile or two and it died again. It kept repeating this all the way back home ( 20 miles ). It would restart and run like normal and then just die. In the time I could drive it between stops, when I would give it gas, it would bog down. I've driven it twice since then and it has ran without any problems. Today, I took it to AdvanceAuto Parts and they put the code scanner on it and it gave these codes:

KOEO code 11 - Pass - no faults detected
Memory code 14 - Profile Ignition Sensor Circuit Malfunction
Memory code 18 - Erratic Pulses Tach Input to PCM SPOUT Ckt Ground
Memory code 41 - O2 sensor Lack of switching Lean
Memory code 42 - O2 sensor Lack of switching Rich
Memory code 96 - Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Open PCM to battery
Memory code 65 - System did not go into closed loop
Memory code 72 - Power interrupt or re-initialization detected
Memory code 85 - Fuel trim at limit Lean
Memory code 86 - Fuel trim at limit Rich
April 20, 2006.

There is really only one code. All the others were caused by a bad ignition module. Replace the module, clear the codes and you are good to go. Good luck

Apr 20, 2006.
I've had trouble with the ignition module for the last 10 years. It goes bad about every 2 years or so. Usually the engine will die a couple of times before the module goes completely out and then the car won't start at all. The thing is that I changed it during the episode I mentioned in the beginning of this post. I always carry an extra module in the car. Anyways, the engine kept on stalling every mile or so the rest of the way home after I changed the module. That's why I ruled out the module. I have driven it every day since then and the engine hasn't died at all. What else could this be? Where should I start?

Apr 20, 2006.