1997 Ford Escort

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Ford Escort 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 87,500 miles

A few months ago, soon into my way to work, the check engine soon light came on; detected 4th cylinder misfire; no repair made; later when radiator leaked and was replaced, mechanic concluded misfire issue is intermediate. Yesterday morning, the car was shaky on the start and I gave a bit of gas a couple of times to keep it from stalling out, and the check engine soon light came on so I had it towed to my mechanic. Now, I'm told its the valve lifters; $1,000 job, but that this morning the started with no problem. Mechanic is keeping it a few days to experience how its going. Do you know if my mechanic's valve lifter diagnosis is correct? Thanks.
Monica ray
December 31, 2008.

We would need to know the actual fault code the vehicle is giving before we can offer an opinion. It is possible the valve is sticking open/closed intermittently. There are numerous reasons for a misfire code your mechanic is on scene and can do all the test's first hand?

Dave H
Jan 1, 2009.
In response to your reply to my question about the valve lifter issue, the diagnostic code is p0304. It is my mechanic's belief that the valve is sticking intermittently, as well. Suggests a valve job, but a private citizen posted an internet warning about this and suggests to not invest in repairs, but to get rid of the car. I feel the same way; I will use the vehicle until I can save enough to get another vehicle, or it dies. What say you?

Thank you. Email: raymsmonica@yahoo. Com

Monica ray
Jan 3, 2009.