1994 Ford E-Series Van

Transmission problem
1994 Ford E-Series Van V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 178000 miles

the gear shift will only go into park and drive. The key is stuck in the ignition and even though you can turn the key off, it will not come out of the ignition. There is a driver side airbag with fuel cut off switch, if the airbag deploys from removing the steering column it will automatically shut off the fuel supply.

How can we fix this problem with the gear shift and ignition without deploying the airbag?

Please help, we have only one working vehicle and this is it. We have only one income and cannot afford to take it to the shop. We have a disabled daughter and a 3 year old grandson who needs things from the stores and needs to go to doctor. We are desparate.
June 10, 2009.

To disable SRS air baag disconnect both battery cables wait couple minutes then proceed with repair.
Need to take covers off steering to get acess to ignition switch for removal. You mean transmission will not shift into any other gear or the collum shifter won't go into any other gears?

Jun 10, 2009.
The column shifter will not go into any other gear. The transmission seems to be fine, it's just the shifter and the ignition that is the problem. The shifter is floppy and will not stay up on Park, it flops down to Neutral. You have to hold it up in Park to start the van and then it will drive but you cannot put the shifter into any other gear. It will not go into reverse either. For some reason it will only stay on the neutral indicator. The ignition will not turn off completely and that is why the key won't come out. It shuts the car off but without getting the shifter into the park section it will not turn off all the way in order to pull the key out.

Hope this helps and thank you so very much for helping us and answering my questions.

Jun 10, 2009.
You will need to start disassembling the steering collum to see what has broken or worn.

Jun 11, 2009.