1988 Ford Crown Victoria

Air Conditioning problem
1988 Ford Crown Victoria V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

I have replaced accumulator, orifice tube, flushed evaporator, condenser, and all the lines and there are no blockages. I vacuumed the system to 10 hg and there are no leaks as it holds vacuum, filled compressor with 8 oz of 46 pag oil, charged with 134A and the low side pressure is 50 and the high side pressure is 250. The clutch engages and compressor cycles until the system is charged, and then the compressor runs continually, therefore, I have eliminated the pressure switch. Compressor runs fine with no noise but the accumulator does not get cool at all. As you would expect, the air in the car is warm. Could the compressor be running and not be compressing the freon due to an internal problem?
June 18, 2010.

Vacuum should be down to 26-29 to boil off all water. Charge is 52oz. How much was put in? Does fan clutch operate ie. Lock up. What is ambient air temp? What size orfice tube or what color> was this a retro kit to convert to 134A?
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Jun 18, 2010.
The system was all ready converted when I bought the car and the ac worked fine for 2 years, the clutch went out. As for the orifice tube it is blue. Ambient temp about 85 f, by vacuum do you mean -19 to -29 (minus) to boil off moisture. Fan is belt driven w/ coil spring clutch and works fine, no engine over heating, fan seems to spin at belt rpm. I have electric rotary vacuum pump and 10 in hg is about as low as it will draw.

Jun 18, 2010.
10 in. Is NOT going to do it needs to be below 0 at -29.
So you have moisture in system causing the problem. Most common causes for low and high to be elivated and no ccoling are 1-moisture in system 2- overcharged 3- blend door /outside air entering evap. Need a better vacuum pump or got ot shop have system vac. And charged

Jun 21, 2010.