Ford Cobra

I have an AC Cobra with a Ford 460 installed. I was hooking the electric choke to the alternator with the battery hooked up, I know, very stupid but I have done it 50 times before. I dropped the wrench and it shorted between the possitive side of the alt and the metal brake line for about 20 seconds before I could move it. There were plenty of sparks and smoke as well. Now, obviosly nothing electric works at all. What steps should I take to find the problem?
May 2, 2006.

Hummm. The first step is to insure the battery is alive and well.

Check the red wire to the alternator. Also follow the small wire from the + post and insure it isn't burnt.

Don't forget the ground side. The current has to come back to the battery on the ground side. You might have smoked one of the ground connections either to the car, frame or from the engine to the fire wall

Your Ford has a ton of fusable links. Check them all.

Let me know

May 2, 2006.