1995 Ford Bronco

Transmission problem
1995 Ford Bronco V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 98,000 miles

There appears to be an intermittent problem with my transmission. Often it works fine, but on occasion it seams to switch for days at a time into a mode where it slams into gear. When I shift into drive and while shifting later into higher gears it slams each one in. The problem goes away for weeks at a time and I dont see any pattern for this behavior. The car is completely stock and there has not been any changes made to cause this problem.
February 18, 2008.

TSB# 97-11-11 for 4R70W tranny states. Erratic or prolonged 1-2 shift.
94-97 Mustang and others. Replace the cast aluminum piston with the one piece stamped steel piston with bonded lip seals and replace the top accumulator spring. This is due to 1-2 accumulator bore scuffing the revised piston can be used in the scuffed seal bore.

Feb 18, 2008.