1994 Ford Aerostar

Transmission problem
1994 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 113336 miles

how do you replace or repair the gear shift lever, it is sloppy, as it won't go to a specific place on the gear shift indicator, it moves, but you have to go pass neutral and then back to find reverse, and drive and overdrive is just a guess as what gear it is in untill you start moving down the road, my brother owned the van before me and had it checked and they told him it's not on the transmission linkage, but in the steering columnI guess what I need to know is how do you take the steering column apart to get at the problem, and will I need special tools

September 9, 2009.

Before you start pulling this apart, I would recommend trying to find a used one from a junkyard. Fair chance that the parts are obsolete on this one from the dealer and steering column parts are not NOT aftermarket freindly.

You'll need a puller for the steering wheel. IF you can't read the pics, let me know and I can e-mail them.

Thanks for the instructions on the 1994 aerostar sloppy gearshift question, But can not read diagram even when I enlarge it, so if you can e-mail a larger printable diagram, I would appreciate it greatly

Sep 12, 2009.
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