1992 Ford Aerostar

1992 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Friday my van started skipping really bad. After that started I started losing speed. It wouldnt go any faster than like 10 mph. Thought it was the distributer cap so changed that. It started going but same thing happened again. Only yhis time it cut off and wouldnt crank. Thought it could have been the fuel filter so changed that. It wasn't. Changed the ignition coil wasnt that. Changed the ignition module wasnt that. Don't know what else it could be. Please help.
October 2, 2010.

Are you getting a hot blue spark to the plugs? Have you checked fuel pump pressure? Has the check engine light come on?

It was firing, I have not checked the fuel pump pressure and the check engine light is not on. I went to get the spark modulator checked again just to make sure it was good and it was. After I put it on I drove it down the block and got back home without it cutting off. When I tried to crank it again all it did was turn.

Oct 4, 2010.
If you are getting spark, then you must not be getting fuel or at least not enough. I would check fuel pump pressure.

Let me know what you find or if you need directions.


Thank you for answering my question. I found the problem to the van it was the distributor. Now I have a pt cruiser broke down. Happened yesterday. We were driving down the road and it just shut off. No sign or nothing. Dont want to do like we did the van and replace until we found what was wrong. It is more expensive with this car. Any help would be appreciated.

Oct 9, 2010.
A distributor will do it. I'm glad you got that fixed.

As far as the car, have you checked to see if has spark and fuel to the engine?