1989 Ford Aerostar

Electrical problem
1989 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 290000 miles

Hello I have just bin giving a ford aerostar v6, it has no manuals no history no regerstration nothing apart from a reciet of $190 for a new fuel pump. The car will not start and stay running it sounds as if the starter is staying igauged then it cuts out but that is not all when I connect the earth lead to the battery, the car trys to start even with the keys in my hand. I have taken the starter off and checked if it is sezzed but every thing is really free even the solinoyed. I have no manual or any idea were the starter relay is or which one it might be, has any body got any idea's what may be wrong with it and how to sort it out please as iv bin told I have to have it moved in a week or its going to get scraped HELP? Also I have changed the distributer cap and arm plus put new plugs in it as well. Many thanks for reading Chris.
November 22, 2009.

Sir-the starter relay is located on left front fender panel give it a good whack-don't break it before you hook the battery up and see what happens. If it stops replace it-its sticking internally

Nov 22, 2009.
Thanks very much for a quick respons ill give that a try but is it the black box next to the battery as iv found some relays in a row up near the bulk head but again not sure which is which as there's nothing on them apart from numbers. Many Thanks again

Nov 22, 2009.