2002 Nissan Micra

Driving as normal then the seat belt light started blinking off and on.
then all electrical systems went no lights no speedo fuel and temp guage.
followed by a dying of power.
pulled over. Left it for some hours. Then after waiting for rescue it started like there was no problem.
Iv fully charged battery. Replaced alternator and belt.

car sort of worked fine. But wipers were slow.
then after about 7 miles. Flashing seat belt light. Erratic idling then it just conked out.
tried a jump start no problem but died fairly quick.
alternator is working.
now I'm just confused and very p'd off.
can anyone shed any light on this annoying problem.
April 17, 2013.

Did you test the alternator charging?
Have the ignition switch tested.

Apr 17, 2013.
Alternator working within parameters and ignition switch?
I will check that. But not sure why lol.
Thanks. : -)

Apr 17, 2013.
A bad ignition switch can result in loss of power to certain circuit.
If vehicle is equipped with harmonic damper, have it checked as well. A bad harmonic damper can result in erratic charging.

Apr 17, 2013.