1992 Eagle Talon

Engine Cooling problem
1992 Eagle Talon 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

1992 Eagle Talon Non Turbo 2.0L 5 spd

After getting the car up to 7000 rpms in both 1st and 2nd gear the other day (red-line is 8k and 9k for this engine) I noticed there was some white smoke along with an unnormal smell coming out of the exhaust. Most noticeable after engine is running for a bit.

Oil level was above maximum, but oil was changed about a month ago. So I drained about 1.5 quarts. About 2 days later, after driving for about 10 minutes, I saw the temp gauge was all the way to hot, and next thing I know car starts to blow steam from under hood. Pull over and the coolant in the overflow resivor is boiling while there is no coolant visible under the radiator cap. Had to fill car with about 3 quarts of coolant before level returned to normal. Oil level did not change after the event, and since draining some oil there hasn't been much white smoke at all if any, so im not sure if its for sure a blown head gasket.
August 29, 2010.

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From what you have stated, your cylinder head has definitely taken a beating there. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the cylinder head has cracked, but you may be lucky and just have a failed head gasket. The cylinder head will need removed and magnafluxed at a machine shop to check for cracks and warpage. The gasket is definitely going to be shot, get an entire head gasket set with new bolts, not just a head gasket itself. The set should come with many gaskets for the top of the motor (i.E. Intake manifold etc.).

Aug 29, 2010.
Thanks for the quick response! Like I said before the oil level did not change when the car overheated, so would there be a visible external leak? Because it seems that the coolant did not leak into the oil.

Aug 30, 2010.
The white smoke was the coolant being burnt. Just because head gasket cracked does not always mean coolant will mix into the oil, it depends on where the gasket cracks at. Easy way to check for bad head gasket is to remove radiator cap (WHEN COLD) and then start engine up. Rev it up a bit, if coolant shoots up out of radiator than definitely have an issue there.

Aug 30, 2010.