1999 Toyota Camry • 130,000 miles

When I would turn my ignition off my driver side window would still operate for maybe 5-8 seconds. This feature will not operate. Also I installed a windhield wiper motor and the blades will only park in the middle of the winshield. What could cause this problem and how can I rectify this matter.
The auto fix
July 4, 2013.

For your windshield wiper problem: Disconnect the linkage from the motor.
Turn the wipers on and then off after a few seconds. This will allow the motor to go into the PARK position.
Reconnect the linkage.
Operater the wipers to see if this cures the problem.

The window problem : Are you saying that the drivers side window is supposed to operate for 5-8 seconds after the engine it turned off, but it doesn't; and you want to get it to where it will again?

Jul 4, 2013.