1997 Toyota Camry • 151,000 miles

Hello guys,
About a week ago it started snowing heavily here at Columbus. But I had to go to work and I turned on heat plus I also engaged the wiper as to remove ice/snow accumulating constantly on the screen. However, within 5-7 mins the wiper stopped working. Initially I thought it got frozen and would work again when temperature gets higher. However, last 1 week I couldn't get it working anymore. So is this the motor which needs to be replaced or there might be some tricks I don't know? Also, if the motor is damaged how much would it cost?
PS. I tried to pull the blades by hand, manually, to see if it works, but I can't really move the blades even if I apply lot of pressure!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments!
January 5, 2013.

It sounds like the motor has failed from all the snow in the motor itself


Roy: Thanks! So the motor needs to be replaced? Any idea about the cost?

Jan 5, 2013.
Motor around 89 and labor Is about 1 hour

Went to Firestone and they charged $211 for the motor and $90 for labor totalling $299. I asked why the part is so overpriced they said they want that much margin to run the business?

Jan 5, 2013.