1996 Dodge Stratus

Noises problem
1996 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

A few mornings ago I noticed a quiet tapping sound. From sitting in the vehicle, it`s on the drivers side behind the dash/console or possible under the hood around the brake fluid tank area.

The ticking is in time with the engine revolutions, so I can guess it is not driveshaft/wheel related. It is more noticeable when the engine has warmed and idling. I don`t notice it as much when driving if at all, but then perhaps the noise of the wind/engine dampens it down.

Can anyone offer some suggestions on what to check in this area that could produce this sound, in time with the engine rev. It is not coming from the engine itself.

I have recently changed the AC/Rad fan assy, serpentine and power steering belt. A few days ago I also changed the oil filter and put in new pennzoil 5/30 oil. However, I`m certain this sound is coming from the opposite side of the engine bay, near the drivers side.

October 4, 2008.

Hi: From your description, it sounds like an engine lifter. If the hood is open with the car running, can you tell where it's coming from?

Let me know.



I am almost certain it is coming from the brake master cylinder or the servo area. If I rest my hand on the master cylinder cap, I can feel the tapping vibration.


Oct 22, 2008.
Could it be a relay near the master cylender?