1996 Dodge Stratus

Computer problem
1996 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 211000 miles

I bought my car as a salvage 7 yrs ago and now have over 211,000 miles on it (2.0L). I made the proper fixes as they came up. Now my check engine light came on and Autozone says it coded P1072. Replaced the plugs, gonna do the wires next. Any suggestion as to whether I should work on replacing the O2 sensors next? The only other time I had a light come on was when cylinder 1 was misfiring. I replaced plugs and wires and the problem was gone. Cars been great to me, and I'd like to keep it running okay and pass NYS inspection this April. Thanks for your time and compassion at what you do!
January 10, 2008.

What was the description of that code. It is not a misfire code.

The service person said that the fuel system for bank 1 was too rich. Said it could be the Mass Air Flow sensor, O2 sensors, fuel injector problem, or ignition misfire-repair. When the correct fix is done, will the check engine light reset itself? Thanks for the swift response!

Jan 10, 2008.
Okay the code was a po172, 2 numbers were transversed.
Try cleaning the mass air flow sensor first

I havn't been on line here, sorry for the delayed response.

I replaced the plug wires and started taking apart the air intake assembly to find the mass air flow sensor. Is it just off to the right of the butterfly throttle mechanism?It has a plug of wires attaching to the top of it? If it is, is it easy to take off and inspect?I heard that the part is very delicate! The car seems to run fine, but every once in a while at a redlight after idling for a minute or two, the RPMs will dive and then surge. Thank you again, Jack.

Jan 13, 2008.