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I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 quad cab with a 5.9L motor here is the deal about every 30 days my check engin light comes on and the code is miss fire on #8 cyl. If you pull the plug it looks good (not oily or burnt ) but its dieing more each day after the light comes on intill its running worse and worse soon as you change the #8 cyl. Plug it starts running great again shortly after that the light go out. I have taken it in to the dodge dealership here in las vegas but they do like the corner repair shop and just kept changing parts out but never fixed it I need real help now. They serviced the carb checked the injectors and checked the elec. System everything ok please help
March 15, 2007.

Have the plug wires been changed? Even though an injector tests good in the shop doesnt mean that it is, resistance changes with heat.

Mar 16, 2007.
Yes we have changed wires, injectors, rebuilt carb the first time the brain trust at dodge in vegas said I got a bad batch of plugs and yes I have donated

thanks guys

Mar 19, 2007.
Exactly what all was replaced?

You don't have a carb on that, therefore it couldn't be rebuilt.

Ok if I were a mec I would not be seeking your advice my point is after paying to fix or rebuild everything dodge says to fix and charge me for I still have this mess. By chance if you could give me some ideas to work on or you could keep explaning to me the little mistakes I make. Anyone can throw out one liners.

Mar 20, 2007.
You already have the bitter attitude that no one is good enough to help. Had you focused on the first question I asked, we could have gained some ground, maybe someone else can help.
I didn't relaize it was your lack of knowledge about the " carb", I thought you were told that.

Or maybe you just don't know what is causing the error. Your right I will need to seek help somewere. Thank you Mr. Master mec.

Mar 21, 2007.
Ohhhh. you hurt my feelings!!!

I guess you're right! I had no vehicle or information to work with and didn't have a magic wand!

Hmmmm......At least you didn't pay the dealer....and others to get the answer that I already gave you.

I guess you should have started you in the first place.

Seems it's hard for you to take that your not as good as you think fair well Mr. Master mec.

Mar 22, 2007.
Wow never knew your here in henderson another shop to cross off the list

Mar 22, 2007.
I never said I was good at all.

I have dealt with your type before fully knowing you were bitter and unreasonable. That is precisley why I responded to your post. I never expected that you would give anything worthwhile to work with.

You don't want help, not did you expect help. You just need a place to bitch to. You the kind of person that needs to abuse others. There are some folks that think it's perfectly okay to abuse someone because they gave money for a service, regardless what they did.

You " donated"!Woo hoo!
SO what?

If you going to waste your time, maybe supply some info as to why you are here. Frankly, I don't really care if you get your problem solved or not. Having said that, if I can, I'll try. I can take the upper road. Can you?

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