1998 Dodge Ram

Air Conditioning problem
1998 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

1998 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2L V-8 OHV. GAS EFI.
Can I bypass a locked-up AC compressor clutch by using a drive belt for 5.2L w/o AC? This belt will be shorter of couse, the routing diagrams appear to be the same with the exclusion of the compressor.
December 6, 2009.

Just to be clear in my mind, it's the clutch that's locked up, meaning the compressor runs all the time? You'll have to try the shorter belt, but there may be other factors such as different component locations with and without AC, or without AC might use an idler pulley that isn't on your engine.

If it's the compressor that's locked up, which is a lot more common, just unplug the two-wire connector to the clutch coil. That will prevent the clutch from trying to engage the compressor. The AC is supposed to run with the defroster on to remove moisture from the air before it gets blown onto the cold windshield. As an owner of a 1980 Volare without AC, I can tell you, that's a feature worth having.


Dec 7, 2009.