1996 Dodge Ram

Heater problem
1996 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 521655 miles

is there a free web site I can go to to show me the way to re & re the heater core
January 15, 2010.

Is it ram van or pick up
I can look it up and try to get you the step by step

Jan 15, 2010.
It is a Pick Up.

Jan 16, 2010.
Removal & Installation (Pickup)

Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain engine cooling system. In engine compartment, remove coolant hoses from heater core tubes. Plug all openings. Remove coolant overflow bottle. Remove Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and position aside. DO NOT disconnect 60-pin connector from PCM.
Remove attaching nuts from studs on engine compartment side of dash panel.
Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Remove left and right kick panel trim. Remove 5 screws and knee blocker/steering column cover. Remove hood release and parking brake release handle screws from lower instrument panel support. Remove 6 screws and instrument panel support. Disconnect air bag connector at lower left corner of instrument panel.
Pull PRNDL cable and twist to remove from position arm. Push tab on bottom of cable retainer upward, then squeeze sides to remove retainer from column. Remove tilt lever (tilt column only). Remove both upper and lower shrouds from column. Remove lower fixed column shroud. Loosen multi-function switch connector screw. Screw will remain in connector.
Remove remaining steering column electrical connectors. Remove air bag wiring harness from steering column wiring trough. Remove wiring trough from steering column. Remove 3 toe plate nuts and washers.
Remove 2 nuts and washers attaching steering column bracket to instrument panel steering column support bracket. Allow column to lower and rest on seat. Remove 2 screws from bottom of Air Bag Control Module (ACM) cover. Remove 4 screws holding ACM to transmission tunnel.
Disconnect wiring at ACM. Disconnect instrument panel left side wiring connectors. Remove screw holding brake release to bottom of instrument panel. Disconnect instrument panel right side wiring connectors, which includes 2 connectors attached to heater housing, courtesy light connector, antenna cable and 2 body connectors. Disconnect vacuum harness for heater system.
Remove 5 screws holding instrument panel to dash. Loosen lower instrument panel pivot bolts. Roll instrument panel downward. Using a screwdriver, push through plastic flashing to release locking tab on heater control cable. Pull cable from top of heater core housing.
Remove instrument panel from vehicle.
Remove defrost duct.
Disconnect electrical connectors. Remove control cable.
Remove attaching nuts from studs in passenger compartment side of dash panel.
Remove heater unit from vehicle.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Fill cooling system.


Jan 16, 2010.