Dodge Intrepid

I have to replace the A/C belt on my 1996 Intrepid. How do you release the tension on the serpentine belt. I tried the center mounting bolt (clockwise), but it would not move. Is there another place to release the tensioner?
July 6, 2006.

There are two belts on this model the a/c belt and the serp belt which runs the altenator and power steering pump. To replace the a/c belt it is a v-belt, the belt goes around the crank pulley, tensioner and a/c compressor. First locate the tensioner there is a nut onthe front of the pulley it should be a 15mm 0r 14mm then losen it by turn it counterclock wise (righty tighty, lefty losey) then crawl under the car and at the bottom of the tensioner behind the pulley u will see a bolt that bolts into it turn the bolt counterclock wise untill u can slide the belt off.

Jul 9, 2006.