1930 Dodge Intrepid

Dodge intrepid, 1996, 137,000 miles, 3.5L engine,
I have replaced spark plugs, and wires. Replace TPS from a different problem. Confusion from different sources of coil terminal locations. It appears that the 3.3L engine diagram is the closes fit.
September 10, 2007.

Re: Firing order, coil terminal locations. Code 301 misfire #1 PO301 no.1 cyl. Misfiring is it still popping? Could be caused by the following: Plugs and Wires are they OEM oarts

Weak coil pack for that cylinder, loss of compression-burn exhaust valve- vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture (lean misfire), dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or even bad fuel

Sep 10, 2007.
Have been looking for that for the last 10mins. Couldn't find it, am I dumb or am missing something

Sep 10, 2007.
Clearly not a dumb a$$. Wise maybe : wink: Engine Performance/Specifications. Fig 1

Thank You I'll make sure that this is how I have them. This is much clearer than the Haynes manual. The confusion I had was looking at it flat on the paper and then flipping it 90' : arrow: as it is on the side of my engine.

I'll insert a picture tommorow it will help show what I'm talking about.

To clarify,
Is this for the 3.5 iter and not the 3.3 liter engine?
Or are they both the same?

Also thanks for the additional Ideas.
This might be the real issue : D
: shock: I didn't even know I had a response. I find it difficult to check. I actually found this by selecting " view my posts.&Quot; There was nothing listed in my in box or a reply sent to my e-mail.

I guess I'm still learning How to use your site. : O

Thanks again.

Sep 12, 2007.
I believe they are the same based on the info I have. Don't feel bad about learning the site, so are we : roll:

These are 4 pictures of the coil terminal

From passenger side:

From front of vehicle.

See how the coil terminals are down on the side of the engine. It is somewhat dificult to read diagrams that are one dimentional.

My car was running very rough last night. I almost didn't make it home from work.
I switched these I put the even numbers on top and the odds on the bottom. :?:

This seems to work the best! :D

This car is so messed up! :?

:idea: I noticed ealier the question about OEM parts.
Well, yes and no.

Yes I have Champion spark plugs specefied in my manual. But my wires aren't OEM. :oops:

I thought they were good. I bought them at Auto Zone.

:oops: Not the cheapest and not the most expensive set they had.

Sep 13, 2007.
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It says error why give zero points.

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I don't know how this whole thing works.

I don't know when to send a Private Message or Just post it.

I do appreciate all the help given me.


Sep 14, 2007.
Don't worry about the points and all that BS, focus on the car. Our system has some serious defects in it. You appreciate it and that's fine for me.

Back to the car:

IF my info is right and my interpretation is right, this is how it should work.

The top three are 3-1-5 cylinders.
On the engine, the number 5 cylinder is on the passenger side closest to the firewall, then comes #3 and the front one is the #1 cylinder.

Keep in mind what Jesses said:"Weak coil pack for that cylinder, loss of compression-burn exhaust valve- vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture (lean misfire), dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or even bad fuel"

IF the routing is right, and code is still there and the wires are on tight and the plug is gapped right, then we need to change directions. And if this proves true, pull the plug on the misfiring cylinder, take a pc and up load it. When you put it back in, move it to another cylinder and put that cylinders plug in the number one cylinder. IF the mis-fires moves to the other cylinder, we have a bad plug. IF the mis fire stays on number one, well pick up there.

THANK YOU! : For the exact picture. This is what needs to be in the manual.

But. It : D

Now is running very rough. I don't dare Drive it like this. I changed the wires to exactly what you had shown. I then started the car. It was shaking and. I don't know quite how to describe it.

Shouuld I make a direct swap between the bottom and the top. I'm at work. I need to drive this car home tonight. : Shock:

Sep 17, 2007.