Dodge Intrepid

2001 Dodge Intrepid-105000 miles. While driving I hit the gas pedal hard to pass a car. The car jumped into passing gear suddenly it lunged forward as it would if I turned off the ignition. It then started to make a loud clicking sound. I stopped the car and looked under the hood. I placed a stethascope on both valve covers to listen for noise. I couldn't pin point the sound. It did not sound like a rod or main bearing. There was a lot of coolent coming from the beep hole suggesting the water pump was shot.

I removed both valve covers thinking I would find a broken or stuck lifter. I did not. Next I removed the timing cover to examine the water pump. I removed the timing chain and using a drill, I connected it to the water pump. Spinning it at 2,000 rpm's produced no noies.

I am thinking it might have spun a rod or main bearing. Before I remove the pan I thought I would check with anyone that might have experienced a similar broblem. The reason I am hesitent on pulling the pan is. The sound does not sound like a blown rod bearing. Could it be an oil pump? Any other ideas?

April 23, 2006.

First thing is, if the car is rapping, open the hood and throw snoop dog out of there. Just a joke! If your loosing coolant threw the water pump it is water pump time.

Apr 26, 2006.