1995 Dodge Intrepid

The car was running fine had plugs, coil, wires, oil, air filter, fuel filter, trani mount done 2 months ago car running well. Then this past Monday went to start her up cranking strong just wouldn't start up. Had 1/8 tank of fuel and it was below freezing. 2days of above 40 degree days and my tapping gas tank and fuel filter, checked to make sure relays were secure she starts up I go to Auto parts and pick up water remover and lucas fuel/injector additive run car for about hour and later that night again for about an hour. No problem.
Then yesterday morning she won't start up again. I get her started and leave her running about 1/2 hr. She shuts off by herself. Won't start back up go and I get starter fluid and she won't stay on and wasn't barely starting .
I checked the code and got a 55.
I think she's just not getting fuel.
February 23, 2007.

U sure is code 55 not code 54?&Gt. Can't find no code 55 on my alldata. But if it is code 54. Then it is ur computer not seeing a signal back from the cam sensor which it the main in put signal that turn
the injectors on. Let me know. Good luck

Kin chan
Feb 23, 2007.
A generic code 55, means, " end of message", if there was a trouble code, it should come before the 55.

If your saying it runs with starter fluid, but dies without it, then check fuel pressure.

With key on, no crank, can you hear the pump run for a few seconds? Even if you can hear it, you still need to check fuel pressure.

Feb 23, 2007.