1996 Dodge Intrepid

1996 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

i need a layout of how to take my fuel pump out and reinstall it thanks
July 12, 2010.


NOTE: The fuel tank does not need to be removed from the vehicle to service the fuel pump module.

NOTE: Fuel system pressure must be released prior to any service of fuel injection components.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
Remove trunk liner.

Fuel Pump Access Panel

Remove access panel fasteners.
Remove access panel and gasket.

Fuel Pump Alignment

Disconnect electrical connector from fuel pump module.
Disconnect Fuel supply and return hoses from fuel pump module.
Disconnect hose from pressure relief/rollover valve.
Loosen band clamp until fuel pump module can be lifted from tank.
Place shop towels around fuel tank opening to absorb any spilled fuel.
Tilt fuel pump module to one side so fuel level sensor will clear tank. Allow fuel to drain from module before removing completely from fuel tank.
Remove fuel pump module and gasket from tank.
Drain remainder of fuel from module before servicing.


Position the new gasket on the fuel module flange.
Lower the pump/sending unit into the fuel tank.

Fuel Pump Level Sensor Diagnosis

Rotate module so that the arrow aligns with the corresponding marks on the fuel tank.
Push module down to compress the spring, install the band clamp and tighten.

NOTE: Make sure that O-ring does not slip out of fuel tank lip.

Connect electrical connector to fuel pump module.
Connect Fuel supply and return hoses to fuel pump module.
Connect hose to pressure relief/rollover valve.
Install access panel and gasket
Install access panel fasteners.
Replace trunk liner.
Connect negative battery terminal.
Use the DRB II to select the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) Fuel System Test to pressurize fuel system and check for leaks. SEE COMPUTERS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS/SCAN TOOL ORIENTATION .

CAUTION: Unless the test is stopped or the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position the fuel pump relay and the ASD relay will remain energized for 7 minutes by the ASD Fuel System Test.

Jul 12, 2010.