1992 Dodge Dynasty

Engine Performance problem
1992 Dodge Dynasty 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

I have been having problems with my car for about 6 months. Now it won't stay started. It ran out of gas, and I put gas in it. Now when I start it up it will only stay started for about 60 seconds. I bought new spark plugs and wires. Taking that I haven't replaced them in 2 years. Do you think that this is the problem or could it be a problem with it getting fuel. I can hear the gas when I turn the key. So I think it's getting gas. Please help!
December 16, 2009.

Yeah, it may just need a tune-up. Use a gage and check fuel pressure. Also check for any trouble codes, you cycle the key just till the dash lites come on, no further. Cycle, on--off, on--off, on, then the mil starts flashing, you count the flashes to get the codes. Your looking for two digit codes.

Dec 16, 2009.
If you run out of gas and keep trying to start it it is VERY VERY possible that one of your injectors got fried(and yes, the dynasty you drive has fuel injection). It is very bad to let a fuel injected car run out of gas. The injectors are sensitve and if they don't have fuel pussing through them they will easily fail. There is a way you can test the injector, but your car must run for atleast a few min. To be able to perform the test on each injectors(if I remember right the are four or six). If your car won't stay running for any amount of time you could have a bent injector (common when you run them out of gas and keep trying to start them). In that case, you must take them out one by one (not as hard as it sounds) and visually inspect them. Let me know if you have any questions on how to inspect them. Hope I helped

Feb 24, 2010.