1992 Dodge Daytona

Engine problem
1992 Dodge Daytona V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 298000 miles

I will be driving down the road just fine. With out warning the truck will just shut off no check engine light no jerking like it runs out of gas nothing then about 30 mins later it will start back up and run fine. It does it one time aweek but latly it has been every day but only once after it starts back up it does not do it till the next day. Is it the fuel pump oxygen sens coil or maybe the pick up coil on the distributer
February 17, 2008.

Hi: It could be any of the items you mentioned. First, I would heave the computer scanned for trouble codes. Then you will know what direction to go. Stop by a nationally recognized parts store and most of them will scan it for free.