2003 Dodge Dakota

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Dodge Dakota V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90,000 miles

Been to two 'expert' mechanics and still leaking. With AC on for a while (1/2 hr+) the carpet on passenger side floor and carpet is soaked. Pulled up carpet and there is about a cup of water.

How do I repair this? One AC shop wanted $550!
January 18, 2010.

What are they telling you the problem is? It sounds like the drain is plugged. Have you checked that?

First guy said plugged drain and fixed it. Second guy said leak around a line that enters the passenger side near feet and fixed that with caulking. When it still leaked said it would cost $550.00 as they have to take apart lots of stuff. Confusing! Many Thanks for your help. Peter

Jan 20, 2010.
Peter: Just for the heck of it, see if the drain is plugged. Under the hood on the passanger side of the firewall, you will see a black rubber tube that points down to nothing. Move it around to see if there is any dirt at the end. THat is where they usually clog from dirt and garbage from the engine and road.

Let me know what you find.


Thanks so much Joe. I didn't find a rubber tube. What is it connected to? I downloaded a service manual for my Dakota and didn't find a diagram of the condensate drain.
I looked all over and followed every line near the passenger side firewall from the engine top side and jacked the truck up and looked underneath too. I removed a thin metal shield (pie shaped about 8" x8" above the manifold pipe) and found a horizontal hole in the firewall covered by the shield that I could stick a finger and 4" screwdriver into. It did not appear to be blocked. Perhaps the tube is gone?

Any suggestions on where or to what this tube is attached? I remember a mechanic said it was a real bitch to get at the drain. He had the truck on a lift and was poking around from below near the manifold pipe. I left the shield off.

Again thanks for your help. Sorry i'm no mechanic. Peter

Jan 22, 2010.
It sounds like you found it; however, there should be a black rubber tube connected to it that the water drips from. Leave it open and see if that makes any difference and let me know.