2002 Dodge Dakota

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Dodge Dakota V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

i have a 2002 dodge dakota, in dec 2009 it developed a top end rattle which I identified as a tensioner. I pulled the valve covers and started the engine for a split second to see which tensioner was giving the problem. Drivers side. I pulled the front cover and installed a entire timing chain kit, tensioner and all. I also put in a new oil pump. After installation I couldnt get the thing to start. After two days of scan tool chase I looked up potential problems for engine swap. Timing gear was for new comp, mine is the jeep truck comp. When I finnaly got the damn thing started it was rattling and lost oil pressure in less than five min. I decided that I must have a bearing problem due to oil pump going out. I drained the oil, dropped pan, and checked all rod bearings and all looked good. Oil turned out to be full of oil. I changed the injectors and still has rattle and is still dumping fuel in oil. Im thinking wrist pin, hole in piston, but honestly I dont know. Any ideas?
April 2, 2010.

Is it a ticking, clatter, or a knock? Also, if you have a hole in the piston, you would have no compression in that cylender. Have you checked for compression?

Its more of a knock. At idle its almost silent but as you rev the engine it gets louder. Using a screw driver to isolate where its coming from I have isolated it to cylinder one or three. I havent run a compression test yet but will post results after doing so.

Apr 4, 2010.
Let me know what you find. It could even be a wrist pin that is bad.