1994 Dodge Dakota

Steering problem
1994 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 185000 miles

When insert the key into the ignition to start truck
the key goes past the normal starting point.
all the lights on dash consule all show up but will not
start. Also the sterring wheel does not lock.
thank you for any help you have Bruce
Pr cody
October 10, 2010.

Bruce: You need to remove the steering wheel and column cover. It sounds like the rod to the switch is damaged.

I have a 1991 Dakota. You do not need to pull the steering wheel off. You can take the column cover off without pulling the wheel. You need torx head screwdrivers or bits though. You also will need a special bit or driver to remove the ignition switch itself. Good luck.

Oct 17, 2010.
I think I just tried answering your question on a different post. I'm not sure how you are removing it, but you need access from behind the steering wheel. Let me know if you are the one who asked about the special torx sockets. You may know something I don't and would be interested in learning.